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What is portable energy storage power supply?

Source: JINHUA GAOJIU ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT CO.,LTDRelease time: 2023-03-01

The difference between portable energy storage power and mobile power

There is a big difference between the output of portable energy storage power and mobile power. Mobile power can provide about 10000~30000mAh of power through Type-c data cable and other connections to smartphones. Portable energy storage power supports AC output from household outlets and can support appliances with upper kilowatt power consumption, while mobile power is unable to power large appliances. The application field of portable energy storage power is very wide, not only can be used at home, but also suitable for various outdoor scenarios, and can be connected to electric ovens, electric fans, mobile refrigerators, mobile air conditioners and other high-power appliances.

The working principle of portable energy storage power supply

Portable energy storage power supply consists of control board, battery pack, inverter and BMS system, which can convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) for other appliances through the inverter, and also supports multiple interfaces DC output to charge various electrical appliances and equipment.